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Chicago Video Production, Editing, Photography, Live Performance: Bitter Jester Creative
Bitter Jester Creative
838 Central Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035     847.433.8660

Chicago Video Production
since 2001


Bitter Jester Creative (BJC) prides itself on creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit companies looking to utilize award-winning, professional HD filmmaking and digital photography to tell their unique and ever-changing stories.

Incorporated in January 2001, BJC is one of Chicago's most prolific production companies, having produced work on four continents north and south of the equator, including all across the United States. Additionally, BJC is one of only a few production companies specializing in corporate documentary projects. BJC's clients, including the American Medical Association, NASA, Curad, the US Postal Service, Ravinia Festival, and Ohio Art (makers of the Etch-a-Sketch), have all proudly showcased BJC's award-winning video productions on disc, in public, on television, and online.

BJC is fully insured for all national and international projects and is happy to provide proof of insurance for each individual contract. Whether traveling through a war-torn country or to a quiet suburban backyard, BJC takes the safety of its crews — and its clients — very seriously.

BJC can provide:

Legacy HD Video Production and Editing Services

LifeStory Videos – Elegant and engaging, Bitter Jester's "History Channel" style documentaries are comprised of rich, in-depth interviews intercut with family films, photos, and background music. Twenty-minute LifeStories are ideal for retirement parties and significant anniversaries while a ninety-minute LifeStory is a lasting legacy for future generations. Have your family members tell their stories to BJC in their own words so that the voice of your past will last into the future. (examples)

Tribute Videos – Perfect for business parties or family events, these classy films are typically less than ten minutes in length. Designed to pay tribute to a retiree or guest of honor, a tribute video is the ideal to say thank you or pay homage to those who are deserving of praise after many years of hard work and an interesting life. After collecting the heartfelt stories of freinds and family and coworkers, a short and entertaining video is produced for everyone to enjoy. Different from a LifeStory in that the subject of the film is not usually interviewed for the film itself, tribute videos are short, sweet, and to the point.

Corporate HD Video Production and Editing Services

Marketing and PR – BJC prides itself on high-quality, cost-effective, and professional video production for websites, trade shows, and DVDs. From online Video Testimonials to short Company Overview and Company History videos, BJC's award-winning Marketing and PR work has had proven, trackable results for its clients! Find out how BJC can help launch your company into the modern age using video to make your competition look like amateurs. (examples)

Commercials – Whether aired locally, regionally, or nationally, 30-second commercials are the most efficient and effective way of getting your message, your product, or your service in front of the masses. From scriptwriting to casting to producing and editing, BJC focuses on your target audience, crystallizing your message and helping your business to grow as a result. (examples)

Documentaries – Multi-national corporations, individual people, and everyone in-between has a story to tell. BJC excels at picking the best and most interesting topics to explore in short and feature-length documentary films. BJC's multiple-award-winning creative team will not only share your story with the world, they will allow you to learn things about yourself in the process. (examples)

Product Demos – Best utilized on an engaging website or part of a trade show booth, these short videos typically feature a product, rather than a person. Special care is given to make sure that the items being demonstrated are the stars of the show. When your products look their best, your company looks better than the rest. (examples)

Consumer HD Video Production and Editing Services

Photo-to-Video Montages – A Photo-to-Video montage is a collection of still images brought to life through music and creative editing. The best montages also include highlights from family films or quick clips from cherished movies and are typically between eight and fifteen minutes long. A montage is an absolute must-have for any special occasion where celebrating the "life and times" of an individual needs to be done in a short, yet meaningful way. (examples)

Personal Demo Reels – Applying for college as an athlete, musician, or performer? Trying to land a part in the film or play being cast downtown? If your answer is yes, then you absolutely need a professional demo reel cut together. Your demo will be skillfully edited to highlight your strengths and make you look your best. Demo reels are usually three to five minutes in length and can be mass produced on DVD or CD. (examples coming soon!)

Short Films – Be they narrative short films, short comedic movies, or more somber and experimental "dance for the camera" videos, BJC's heart and soul rests in the art of short filmmaking. BJC can be a one-stop-shop for film production or a small yet vital piece of a bigger puzzle; it all depends on what you're looking for. (examples)

Digital Photography Services

In addition to HD video content, BJC also provides exceptionally creative digital photography to expand and enhance the professional image and lasting impact of your organization. Creative portraiture, streamlined product photography, and candid, unobtrusive documentation of your events are just a few of the photo options available. Please take a look at our Digital Photography section to see examples of all that BJC has to offer.

Other Multimedia Services

  • Video editing of any pre-shot footage
  • DVD Authoring for all types of projects
  • Transfers of old family films onto DVD
  • NTSC/PAL conversions
  • BETA-SP dubs
  • Creative scriptwriting
  • Casting & talent-booking services
  • Rotary Club presentations
  • School presentations
  • Referrals to and recommendations for a multitude of high-quality and trusted companies with whom BJC regularly does business
  • BJC produces The Comic Thread, a critically-acclaimed live sketch comedy troupe; one of Chicago's oldest
  • BJC also produces Live Short Story Readings for intimate events and private dinner parties; please contact us for details