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Chicago Video Production, Editing, Photography, Live Performance: Bitter Jester Creative
Bitter Jester Creative
838 Central Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035     847.433.8660

Chicago Video Production
since 2001


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Jeff Telofski

Former Video Editor
CBS Miami

James Rose

Actor, Writer

John Curbelo

Actor, SAG

J. Bryan Page, Ph.D.

Cultural Anthropologist

Ronald Shelley


Ron Hall

Former Manager, Midwest Promotions/Publicity
Twentieth Century Fox

Timothy J. Conway

Director, Theatre Arts
Highland Park High School

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My senior year of college I was the producer of a short film that Nic and Dan created entitled “The Death Affair.” They brought me the script and asked for any assistance I could give them. I began to pick up extra hours at my job. I raised four hundred dollars, which I gladly gave to them.

I knew I would not receive my money back on this investment; however the returns I received were that of pure satisfaction. When I saw the finished film my jaw lay unmoving on the floor. Their work eclipsed even my highest goals.

Jeff Telofski

Former Video Editor
CBS Miami