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Chicago Video Production, Editing, Photography, Live Performance: Bitter Jester Creative
Bitter Jester Creative
838 Central Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035     847.433.8660

Chicago Video Production
since 2001


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Jeff Telofski

Former Video Editor
CBS Miami

James Rose

Actor, Writer

John Curbelo

Actor, SAG

J. Bryan Page, Ph.D.

Cultural Anthropologist

Ronald Shelley


Ron Hall

Former Manager, Midwest Promotions/Publicity
Twentieth Century Fox

Timothy J. Conway

Director, Theatre Arts
Highland Park High School

Showing   17-24 of 40

As an actor, I have worked on three films with Nic and Dan and have seen both of them mature through their progress and understanding of the mediums. They are perfectionists, meticulously tweaking even the smallest exhale until it finds a positive placement. They create an atmosphere that is fun and relaxed. They are extremely professional as they discuss every shot in detail. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with both of them in the past and would jump at the chance to work with them in the future.

Andrew Goldenberg

Actor, SAG